Wellsprings of Power

Cleaning House

Nobody is Home

Our intrepid adventurers returned to the House on the Hill to explore the remainder of the cave beneath. In it they found further Bugbear and Bandit foes, a second exit leading into the forest below the house, a friendly goblin that they let go free, and a room with a small collection of books and lab/alchemical equipment. The room also contained a small rat that playfully interacted with Endriel. The party also discovered a secret room adjoining the lab/library. In this room, further treasures were found along with a mysterious note from the Black Spider to Glasstaff, aka Iarno Albrek. After discovering Iarno's treachery in regards to Gundren Rockseeker and the Lost Mine of Pandelver, and with Iarno nowhere to be found, the party reported back to Sildar Hallwinter with their findings. This loose end tied up, the party rested the remainder of the day in the end knowing that their work is far from over.


A rat that playfully interacted with Endriel, until she hurled him through the door into the next room*

Cleaning House
Cephas Cephas

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